Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Response and questions..

 Neil and Patrick, 

    Thank you for your responses to my question. I couldn't remember if us each doing 5 terms/definitions qualified the 1,500 each word requirement. And you're right, we should definatley clarify this with the professor, to be sure.

     I would like to expand I guess on Neil's question about using examples-- I think that there are artists who will be sketching/drawing examples of our terms for us....I am pretty sure, but we should inquire about this in seminar....

    My question is:  If we are researching to create these definitions, do we cite the research in our definitions?? This, I am still confused on.

     I know, I am probably annoying (and will get more so) and I apologize for that, but I just want to be sure on everything. This is a huge group, and everyone should be on the same page, and I want to do a really good job to not let the group down and do a great work to be published. 

      I hope everyone has had a great day!! 

     Courtney :)

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