Tuesday, November 13, 2007


A few things on the illustrations---please read!!

1) the illustrators are: Lauren, Ann, Crystal and Sonia.  We will be doing 5 illustrations each, so 20 illustrations in total.

2) we divided whoever is doing terms into groups.  Please look below for which group you belong in:

LAUREN ( lmacgreg@sfu.ca )
- Jen P
- Jason K
- Courtney V
- Joanna S
- Stephanie Y

ANN ( aogawa@sfu.ca )
- Erin E
- Emily C
- Logan H
- Caitlyn D

CRYSTAL ( ccl3@sfu.ca )
- Neil K
- Melissa C
- Alice K
- Michael L
- Kristina G

SONIA ( please tell us email! )
- Emma P
- Meena M
- Feducea D
- Juliet K

3) Please email us your terms by NOVEMBER 22ND (THURS)---!!!!   If there is a term you need illustrated or want illustrated, please tell us (with a description if you like).  If there are no preferences, we will just choose what to draw.  

4) We have not discussed how to submit the finished product.  Patrick, should we give the drawings to you once we are done?  Should we submit them electronically or paper copy?  Should we give it to you on the Monday or Tuesday when it is due?

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ann ogawa said...

by the way, that was Ann Ogawa posting! if you have anything to add/comment/edit, please comment here or email me (aogawa@sfu.ca)