Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My terms, draft definitions and Dictionary citing

Hi all,
Here are my 5 terms and the very beginnings of their definition - this is
just to give an idea of where the final definitions will be headed. Please
feel free to critique, add to, modify, these draft definitions. My email is

Expletive symbols: Symbols used in comics to fill in emotive or unspoken
meaning. For example, the use of explanation marks or question marks in
speech bubbles to describe a character's thought process or response to a

Sound expression (was verbalization of sound): The use of words to represent
sound, such as the famous "Biff", "Pow", "Bam" used in Batman fight scenes.
This can be related to the literary technique of onomatopoeia.

Register: The type and variety of language used that creates the
communicative setting of a piece of written literature, for example informal
register. In comic books, register can refer to whether language is
conversational or narrative. Comic book register is determined also by the
images, for example, conversational register can be identified by the
inclusion of words within speech bubbles.

Word play: The use of words to create multi-layered meaning. Images can also
join with words to create effective word play, for example, the term "a fork
in the road" can be dramatized as a word play with the inclusion of an image
of an actual cutlery fork on the road (see Tank Girl: The Gifting imagery).

Puns: the use of words or phrases, often in a humorous context, to emphasize
or suggest their different meanings or applications, or the use of words
that are alike or nearly alike in sound but different in meaning; a play on

N.B: 'Register' and 'Puns' at this stage are partly made up of dictionary
definitions. Are we going to have to cite dictionary paraphrasing, or should
we steer clear of this and try and write in our own words as much as
possible? Look forward to hearing any feedback.


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