Friday, November 9, 2007

A couple things

Courtney - You're right, we have already designated 4 people to be artists. I don't think that we should rely on them to illustrate all of the definitions, probably something along the lines of 1 in 5 (1 per person). So we make sure that our definitions are strong enough to stand on their own.
As for citing sources in our definitions, I'm not sure what everone else thinks, but I think that since we are creating a dictionary, we should refrain from using direct quotations in our definitions, paraphrasing should suffice. At the end of the Dictionary would could have an extensive bibliography. Any other thoughts?
Also, does anyone know who these terms:
1) Sound Effect
2) Splash Balloons
3) Characterization
4) Enertainment/Hollywood
5) Series Continuity of plot/characters
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