Thursday, October 4, 2007

Two Definition Group Proposal

Ok Neil, here is what I think is the final proposal. I have added to it- but I don't feel that I could say too much more than you already had, as you had explained the theory and purpose of our glossary really well. What do you think? Should I add more?  Is there more I could even add? &n! bsp;  Have a good day!! I can be emailed at  If you need to contact me.
Courtney :)

         Through the use of the terms and definitions we have on hand for analyzing the Graphic Novel, we intend to produce a detailed glossary replete with examples from the texts we are studying throughout the semester. We propose that a thorough glossary would be beneficial for the in-depth analysis and interpretation of the Graphic Novel. Furthermore, the inclusion of visual comparisons of familiar works to expound these definitions will aid greatly in close readings of other works of a similar nature. The words that would be found in this sort of illustrative glossary would be bolded in the work being read beforehand, informing the reader that the term can be found in the glossary for supplementary explanation and example. For example, if one is to examine and define the term (and use of) Bleed and its importance  to the comic book/gr! aphic novel frame in relation to how Miller uses it in Dark Knight Returns versus the way Spiegelman uses it in Maus then its importance  to the medium becomes increasingly apparent.  The visual model and the definition together are meant to create a stronger and more user-friendly way of accessing the culture and words associated in the comic realm. 

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