Monday, October 8, 2007

Totally Late

Sorry about putting it in late!  I misspelled the email address and it only returned it this morning.
for Juliet, Stephanie, Feducea, and Jevon:

How does form work on a theoretical basis across the broad concept that is composed of in the genre of comics?  Form is essentially the overall construction of comics, which includes everything from character, to story, to graphics, to the written word, to sequence, etc.  It is the sum of all of these parts that comprises the form of what makes a comic or "graphic novel."  Some critics, such as Neil Cohn, have approached the idea of form in comics through presenting it as a visual poetry that has a psychological impact on the reader.  This is achieved through specific layout and for McCloud and Eisner this is intrinsic to the construction and progression of the story.  Therefore there must be an orchestration that occurs in order for a comic to succeed in communicating its desired effect.  We plan to examine how various theoretical ideas of visual rhyme, construction, and psychology all come into play in the form of the comic.

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