Thursday, September 27, 2007

Touching base a bit

Thanks! Are we clear yet for how we want to split up the terms, or how we want to write the proposal in my group? My group: Erin, Emily, Patrick, Joanna and myself.I suppose we could talk Tuesday, as it isn't due til Fri. Any updates, please let me know! Have a great day everybody!!
~Courtney :)

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joanna said...

Hey Courtney,
I was thinking that we could split up the definitions under different types of form. For example, if we are looking at art form then we would define something like bleeding. Also, if we do technical form then we would define ie. panels etc. Does this make sense? Basically i am suggesting that we choose different categories of form and then place the appropiate definitions in each category; then we can split the categories up b/t the two groups and define those terms.