Monday, September 24, 2007

form definitions

So our group is doing form, and my group is doing half of the terms in the glossary that Stephen put on the blog for us. This is where we were supposed to discuss this, however, I don't see any posts. I have to admit that I have had my own issues with figuring this blog out- but, is anyone out there?

My group will take the first half of the terms, there are approximately 100+ terms. Our group will take the first half. 

ALSO, Does anyone have any advice they can give me for this proposal?? I have no idea what to write/how long it should be, and I am sort of tweeking out....

Have a great day!!!!

Courtney :)

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joanna said...

Hey Courtney,
for the proposal i guess we are just giving an outline of the definitions we will be doing, how we will present them, how a definition section helps in the overall discussion of form...and...okay that's all that i got. sorry i didn't get into the discussion sooner, i was kinda confused with the whole blog thing. Is there anything specific you need me to do for the proposal before we hand it in tomorrow???